Kathy Tugman

Kathy Tugman has developed her versatile vocal chops in many venues and in several genres of music. She has played the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga several times, fronting both Americana and jazz bands; played a seven-year stint at the Foundry Lounge in the Chattanoogan Hotel, singing jazz with the David Walters Trio and, sometimes, the David Walters Quartet; has been lead vocalist with the Chattanooga Symphony; played the late venue, Rhythm & Brews many times, with an Americana band; sung with the prominent singer-songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman; played the Barking Legs Theatre in front of both jazz and Americana groups; and has done, and still does, many, many private parties and charitable fundraisers. Anyone who has ever heard her sing knows she can deliver the song, whether she wrote it (which she does quite nicely) or whether she’s tapped the Great American Songbook to sing tunes by Cole Porter or Johnny Mercer, or picked up a classy or classic pop or country tune by someone like Kathy Mattea or Beth Nielsen Chapman or Mickey Newberry. Her own work has grown in accomplishment, and she remains a vigilant student of her instrument. The lady has some pipes, and with the arrival of bluebilly music, her voice is stronger than ever.

Kathy Tugman continues to blossom and grow as an artist. Her vocal performance on this new record shows a deepening of her skills and focus. The songs are masterful vignettes that pull you along on this visual journey, twisting and turning like clear water through the mountains of Tennessee.” - Beth Nielson Chapman, singer & song writer